Our students work during the modules of our patent programs of real products in research and together with the work of the faculty and coordinators teachers develop plans applied to the launch of new drugs.


Mireia Angulo
Juan R. García
Investment Analyst. Caixa Capital Risc
CEO. Biotechnology Business Institute
Jordi Aparici
Javier Vieites
Regional sales manager. Roche
Pepi Hurtado
Jaume Ruiz-Pol
Partner at Insights in Life Sciences
Innovation coordinator. VHIR
Montse Domínguez
Esther Riambau
Business Creativity & Innovation Strategist.
Business enterprise. FBG – UB
Ascensió Heredia
Project Manager. Mozaic Biomedicals



International Speakers


During our programs, several international speakers come together to share their experience with our students and guide their profile towards a global perspective of the biotechnology sector and the pharmaceutical industry.


William Hariri
Phil Jackson
Business development and strategy consulting.
Alira Health
International Business Manager.
Med City
Chris Howie
Mark Treherne
European Investment Manager.
Department of International Trade UK
Chief Executive Officer.
Patrick O’Brien, PhD
Performance & Projects Manager






Our faculty consists of the main stakeholders and professionals of the biotechnology sector and the pharmaceutical industry in the current scene and share during the course of the year their knowledge applied to the sector.


Xavier  Testar
Nuria Cervera Vila
Associate Professor.  Universidad de Barcelona
Regulatory Affairs. Amgen
Esther Riambau
Aitziber Izarra
Business enterprise. FBG – UB
Medical Science Liaison. AstraZeneca
Lluís Ruíz
Javier Vieites Bernad
CEO. Spherium Biomed
Regional sales manager. Roche
Almudena Díaz
Raul Insa
IP Techinisian. Pons Patents and trademarks
CEO & Founder. Som biotech
Montse Domínguez
Ramón López
Business Creativity & Innovation Strategist.
Medical and Regulatory Affairs. Thrombotargets
Jaume Ruiz
Mónica Moro
Innovation coordinator. VHIR
Social Entrepreneurial Responsibility. Menarini
Tiago Botelho
Jordi Penella
Tech transfer office. IRB Barcelona
Corporate Affiliate Controller. Almirall
Jordi Bachs
Juan Luis Domínguez
Associate Professor. Universidad de Barcelona
Associate Professor. Universidad de Barcelona
Carles Grau
Miguel Ángel Jane
Associate Professor. Universidad de Barcelona
Managing Director. Circulo de Farmacia
Marcos Espuny
Nerea Blanque Catalina
Legal lawyer. Garrigues
Global Pricing Leader. Almirall
José Conde
Fernando Valdivia
Analyst. Fundació Bosch i Gimpera – UB
Àlex Casta
Marc Tapies
Investment Analyst. Caixa Capital Risc
Commercial Director Europe South. LEO Pharma A/S
Luca Tancredi
Miriam Fernández
Content Manager. IRB Barcelona
Sr. Associate Health Economics. Amgen
Ascensió Heredia
David López
Project Manager. Mozaic Biomedicals
Quality Assurance Officer. Innoqua
Mireia Angulo
Giacomo de Simone 
Investment analyst. Caixa Capital Risc
Investment Analyst. Caixa Capital Risc
Cristian Atik
Santiago Esteva
Manager. Page Personnel
Business Development Manager. Sombiotech
Miguel Fresneda
María Ángeles Muñoz
CEO / Associate Professor. Midatel / UB
Commercial & Business Development Director. Azierta
Pedro M. Grima
Belen Espinos
Senior Project Manager. Spherium Biomed
HEOR Manager Market Access. Bayer
Pepi Hurtado
Horacio Moreno
Partner. Insights in Life Sciences
Global Adquisitions. Consultor
Itziar Escudero
Miquel Romans
Partner. Insights in Life Sciences
Government Affairs. Astrazeneca
Albert Cortada
Patricio Fraile
Regional Business Manager. AstraZeneca
Sales Manager. BU Primary Care Almirall