Final projects applied to biomedicine and health biotechnology


In their final master’s work our students present their projects in the Historical Building of the University of Barcelona and their defense is carried out in front of a court composed of members of the biotechnology sector, the pharmaceutical industry and investment.


During these days our students present the work done throughout the year and show their development plans applied to real cases in projects aimed at the discovery of new drugs.


“The different specialties give an applied sectoral vision in which our students show the work throughout the year, all of them with a common goal, to contribute plans that support innovation.”


Juan R. García

Director Business Institute of Biotechnology


The objective of the program in Project Management is to present a Drug Discovery plan that reflects the value of drug development from its preclinical stages to its approval and introduction in the market.


The objective of the program in the direction of companies of Biotechnology Base is to present the business plan for the first capital increase and thus to continue with the development of the compound in the early stages of research.


The objective of the program in Biopharmaceutical Marketing is to present the strategic and operational marketing plan for a new product under development oriented to establish its positioning during the phases of pre-launch and and concepts of leadership.