Business School for life Sciences profiles

The Biotechnology Business Institute is a business school founded in 2013 with to support the entrepreneurship and innovation in life sciences.

Our commitment as a team is focused on two crosscutting, the human value as a professionals and the innovation oriented to new drugs. Our team works on the preparation and insertion of qualified professionals in biopharmaceutical firms and on the support to the development of new drugs from transference offices and biotechnology based companies.

We work every day because and for the education of professionals in innovation and scientific manage, as well as for the access to grants from transference offices and biotechnology-based companies.

Our aim

To make a positive impact on healthcare by supporting innovation in life sciences

Management Board

Pablo Viguera

Family practitioner and Doctor in Epidemiology, Public Health and the Pharmaceutical Industry. Pablo worked in medical care and was a professor of Epidemiology in the College of Health Sciences at the University Rey Juan Carlos. Currently, he is working in the pharmaceutical industry within various areas of their medical departments. He has published in medical journals with high impact and is the author of a chapter in a treaty on health law.

Alexandra Estévez

Alexandra has a Bachelor in Pharmacy and a Master in Business Management focused on the Biopharmaceutical sector. She has worked in various departments within the pharmaceutical industry aimed towards business. With her experience in Marketing, Pharmacy, analysis of new molecules and Market Access, Alexandra currently works in a multinational pharmaceutical company in Oncology field.

Javier Vieites

Pharmacist and Master in Business Administration. Javier has worked for more than ten years in the pharmaceutical industry within various departments: Marketing, Sales and R&D. This background allows him to have a broad knowledge of the pharmaceutical sector. Currently, he is working as a Regional Sales Manager in Immuno-Oncology.

Juan R. García

Biologist with a Master in Business Management within the Biopharmaceutical sector and entrepreneur with a focus on life science based Biotechnology. Juan’s experience ranges from applied clinical research of life sciences to pharmaceuticals. He is currently the director of the Biotechnology Business Institute, an institution focused on both, education in innovation and entrepreneurship and, in early investments.

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