The program is aimed at providing students with knowledge of how to manage preclinical stages of experiments and clinical processes used in drug discovery. They will also learn about the development of new R + D + i applied to drug discovery.

Participant profile

This Master is aimed at graduates in life sciences who are interested in applying their scientific knowledge to managing biotechnology-based projects. We expect our participants to be dynamic, communicative, able to cooperate and analyse and having their own vision.

Career opportunities

Completing this Master’s program will allow you to collaborate with companies that need professionals with narrow specializations, such as a project manager in biotechnology-based companies or transfer offices of public research centres and hospitals.

  • Campus

    Faculty of Biology (University of Barcelona)

  • Masters Degree

    60 ECTS - University of Barcelona Diploma

  • Methodology

    In-class lessons

    From Monday to Thursday - 18h to 21h

  • Dates

    From October 2017 to June 2018

  • International Seminars

    Barcelona Scientific Park (UB)


Academic Itinerary


  • Licensing Course (English)

    The objective of this practical course is to develop a licensing structure plan for a drug in both processes; licensing it due to the creation of a biotech based company or the licensing to a pharmaceutical company. Our students will develop business skills based in a real case and they will learn about drug discovery processes in early stage.

  • Module 1

    Introduction to management of biotechnology-based companies.

    Intellectual property and entrepreneurship in the biopharmaceutical sector.

    Fundamental knowledge of the biotechnology-based company management.

  • Module 2

    Applied and theoretical management for new drugs development.

    Experimental phase I: preclinical and regulatory research.

    Experimental phase II: clinical and regulatory research.

  • Module 3

    Environment and structure of the pharmaceutical industry in the direction of new projects.

    Strategic project management.

    Departments in the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Module 4

    Introduction of new drugs to the SNS.

    Pharmaceutical industry and drug regulatory agencies.

    Market access and introduction of new products.

  • Module 5

    Leadership and professional positioning.

    In this module we will show you how to improve your communicational and negotiation skills, how to become a better leader and learn to position yourself professionally.

  • Leadership Weekend

    An opportunity for students to discover and manage their full potential through real-life experiences and work situations. These activities are combined with Coaching tools and NLP in order to help students find the strength and energy within them necessary for success.

  • Module 6

    Drug Discovery Project (Master’s Thesis).

    Business plan draft of Drug Discovery in order to be able to reach developing any business project.

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