The objective of this course is to provide knowledge in the valorization of new drugs and in the strategic promotion design, as well in the funding planning and in the management of marketing and sales departments.

Participant profile

Postgraduate health science profiles (biotechnologists, biologists, biomedical researchers, biomedical engineers, biochemists and others), PhD students and/or professionals working with transference offices or companies with less than 3 years of experience.

Careers opportunities

The realization of this postgraduate course will enable the students to develop their professional career in marketing specialized departments, medical marketing and market research in biotechnology-based companies and pharmaceutical industries.

  • Campus

    Faculty of Biology (University of Barcelona)

  • Credits

    30 ECTS

  • Methodology

    In-class teaching

    From Monday to Thursday - 18h to 21h

  • Dates

    From February to June 2018

  • Price

    3.390 euros



  • Module 1

    Strategic Marketing applied to the Biopharmaceutical Sector: Identify and Create Value.

    General Marketing: How to identify value: The subject is oriented to learn concepts related to the Marketing and business, to know the structure of the biopharmaceutical sector, market research, innovation and new drug launching and international economy.

    Strategy Design: How to create value: During this subject we will learn the concepts associated with the operational management of projects, the positioning, customer loyalty, the consumer, branding, marketing strategies, product life cycle, competitive advantages and business development.

  • Module 2

    Marketing Management applied to Biopharmaceutical Industry.

    Marketing Brand Plan: The approach of this subject is to learn concepts like business benefit, cost effectiveness as an objective, analysis and financial planning, elaboration of a brand plan and study of market opportunities.

    Marketing Management: The objective of the subject is to go deep into the new drug launching management, the brand team, marketing department aspects, medical marketing, commercial teams and elaboration of a communication plan.

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