II TEI Bio Barcelona, a meeting to talk about entrepreneurship, technology transfer and investment in biotech

Juan Garcia
May 6, 2018

BARCELONA , 29 Jun. - About seventy scientists, entrepreneurs, managers and students of the biosciences sector participated last Wednesday June 29, 2016 in the second TEI Bio Meeting in Barcelona, held in the former Damm Factory.

The event started with the conference of Luis Ruiz-Ávila, CEO of Spherium Biomed. In a didactic and fun way, full of animal analogies, he gave some keys to undertake in biomedicine, based on his long career as an entrepreneur. He emphasized the creativity, the strategic vision and the commitment to pull forward a company in the biomedical sector. He ended his talk with this interesting reflection: “In a plate of eggs with bacon the hen is only involved, while the pig is compromised.” To undertake biosciences, getting involved is not enough, but it takes people who commit to it draft.

After the initial introduction, six companies from the Biotechnology sector specialized in medical device development presented their elevator pitchs to the public. From unMIMA, they presented MowoOT, a noninvasive solution for cronic constipation. The i2Walk team discovered an integrated device that enables the  ocular movement for immobile patients. Pump-it Nanotech introduced its technology of warebles devices for physical therapy.